About Melesat

Melesat is a reliable managed services provider company that provides our customers with innovative information and communications solutions, and to become the preferred solution provider for our customers and business partners


To provide top quality services backed by various innovative solutions and provides the most effective technological solution on how to achieve a faster time to market.


We want our customers to win the business competition with vigorously uninterrupted service strongly. With our services so you don't have to do a tedious and time-consuming job and can focus on your valuable business.

Official Partners


The Services We Offer

Highly Adaptive Solution

Expedite Digital Transformation and Win the Business Competition by Optimize resource usage and cost across the enterprise.

Secure Management

Complying with the safe and secure management standard in every level of our networks, data center and cloud operations.

Fast, Stable & Reliable Connectivity

Our 100% Fiber network delivers internet connectivity over the most advanced, cutting-edge technology available

Better Managed Service Provider

Managing the people, processes and toolsets of your ICT operations to help you overcome time-consuming, costly and distracting your business.

Flexible Agreements

We provide flexible win-win payment agreements with building or residential management bodies with attractive options.

24/7 Help Desk

We are here to help and solve your problems, anytime. Remote and on-site support, during and outside of normal business hours.